The Law Offices of Ulric E.J. Usher, Esq., A PC

The law is very complicated and is often very intimidating. It takes a great deal of knowledge and experience to be able to successfully navigate your legal issues. If you are involved in a legal dispute, don’t leave anything to chance. You need a professional attorney on your side to guide you through the maze of legal procedures and to give you counsel that is in your best interest. But where can you find such an attorney?

If you are in Antelope Valley, or in the greater Los Angeles and surrounding areas, there’s only one choice that makes sense: The Law Offices of Ulric E.J. Usher, Esq., A PC. Our experienced team of attorneys has 75+ years of combined experience dealing with a wide variety of civil and criminal matters, including workers’ compensation cases, personal injury, family law, divorce, child support, paternity actions, real estate law, construction law, business litigation, criminal defense cases, and much more. Please call us as soon as possible so we can evaluate your case and take steps to ensure a successful outcome. We look forward to helping you!