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After a divorce or separation, courts may ask one party to pay child or spousal support (alimony) to help share the financial burden post-separation. These court-ordered payments are meant to aid an individual if they are granted majority custody over a child or children, or if they make substantially less money than the paying spouse. While these payments are intended to support positive relationships and middle ground, they often become a complex, confusing, and emotionally draining problem. Our spousal support attorneys are trained, educated, and experienced in these types of cases to ensure that you’re best interests are protected. We’ll walk you through this phase of the separation process, keeping you informed and vigilant.

Spousal Support

There are many factors that courts consider when deciding if they should award alimony to one of the separated spouses. Laws can differ based on which state your case is held. Still, generally, courts take into consideration these factors below:

● Length of the relationship/marriage
● Ability for the earning spouse to financially support the other
● The current cost of living during the divorce
● The standard of living up until the end of the marriage
● The self-sufficiency of the awarded spouse vs. the paying spouse

Our spousal support law office will walk you through these factors so that there aren’t any surprises when the court orders its verdict. We hope that an agreement on the payment amount and frequency can be reached before the court is forced to make a decision. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur and in that situation it will be imperative that you have legal representation to fight on behalf of your rights, whether you’re the paying or awarded spouse.

Child Support

All parents and guardians have the responsibility of financially providing for their children in any way that they can. If one parent is housing and feeding the child, it is usually court ordered that the other parent pay a sum of money to help support raising the child or children. Below, you’ll see some of the most important factors that courts take into consideration:

● Income of each parent
● Amount of children in need of support
● Current terms of custody

While some cases can be resolved outside of court, conflicts can arise. We highly encourage that you call our child support attorney to assist and advocate on your behalf. This ensures that your rights are in a constant state of protection.

The Law Offices of Ulric E. J. Usher, Esq. A PC is here for you during this difficult time and our team of attorneys are prepared to protect and fight for your rights as a parent, no matter what legal hurdles you may be facing. We understand that your time is precious and that you should be focused on moving forward with your life, that’s why we want to advocate on your behalf, ensuring the protection of your rights. Whether you’re going through a divorce, seeking custody, or trying to find the middle ground, we’ll do our best to achieve the results that you need. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation.